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“Yeah, yeah. That’s why his roommates go in and move stuff around sometimes to mess with him,” the receiver said.

Moffitt, the lineman roommate, stays up late, plays video games and lounges around. Tolzien is gone early each day, choosing a morning routine.

“He and I are polar opposites. He’s very ‘productive’ _ that’s the word he uses,” Moffitt said.

Tolzien doesn’t see why he’d squander time being messy when he could use it toward building something special.

“I feel like you only get so many opportunities and when you miss details, I feel like you wasted an opportunity _ on the field and in the classroom,” he said. “I’m not perfect, but I get frustrated when I don’t have the details down.”

And just because teammates know how to needle Tolzien, it doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. Far from it, he uses all that work to his advantage against his opponents _ and his teammates.

When backup quarterback Curt Phillips sat in the third row of a recent meeting and donned Tolzien’s No. 16 jersey to get a rise out of the straight-laced leader, Tolzien didn’t miss a beat.

“What are you doing with a Joe Montana jersey on?” he asked.