- Associated Press - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 2 of Year 3 of the Brett Favre retirement watch was mostly a quiet one down in Mississippi. Just Favre sitting in a recliner on his farm, sending a few text messages and watching the big screen as ESPN played a continuous loop of his five greatest passes.

Things weren’t so relaxed up in Minnesota. There, teammates ran sprints and anxiously counted down the minutes to the first bathroom break so they could gather and analyze the latest batch of missives waiting on their phones.

Quarterback wannabe Tavaris Jackson swatted a few mosquitoes as he looked at his.

“Hey Tav, hope things r well,” it read. “Just funnin’ u ystdy about that quittin’ thing. But, hey, enugh about me. Enjoy the preseason! U guys r the best!”

Vikings coach Brad Childress waited until lunch to read his.

“What’s up, Chil? Throwin’ a few passes to the boys down here tdy and u know what? They liked me! They really liked me! But, hey, enugh about me. BTW, did you watch ESPN? 17 different analysts talking ‘bout me! 17! All Brett all the time baby!”

Owner Zygi Wilf had his assistant read his to him.

“My man, Ziggy! U hear about my ankle? Not so good, but u know me. I’m tough. Never know, a few weeks more rest and a few more zeros on my contract and it could get better. But, hey, enugh about me. Oh, almost 4got, any chance ur private jet is avble, say, the 1st week of Sept?”

So many texts, so little time. Pushing all those buttons had to make it hard for Favre to concentrate on the real business of the day _ watching the talking heads on TV fall all over each other praising his magnificence.

“Just another great moment in Brett’s career,” one screamed as the video rolled.

“It’s so much fun to talk about,” another said, smiling as if he really believed it.

Not to worry. A quick check of the calendar shows 36 days before the Vikings head down to New Orleans for a Thursday night rematch of the NFC championship game that opens the NFL season.

Plenty of time left for even more fun. Plenty of time to babble on incessantly about Favre’s future.

And plenty of time for Favre to sit in the recliner and send texts.

Don’t worry if you’ve seen this act before, or that it all seems like a bad summer rerun. The script has been tweaked, and some of the names changed to protect the innocent.

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