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“Once they’re in here, and I cannot stress this enough _ I don’t care how they got here,” he said. “I really don’t. I think my time in the league, that’s been proven in the places I’ve been and the players I’ve been around. Once they’re here and once I’m coaching them, I don’t care if there is one pulling up in a van right now that was mowing a yard.”

Jackson insists he feels no special pressure to live up to being the overall No. 3 pick.

“It all depends on how you look at it,” he said. “I’ve just got to keep going out there and put my talent to work, continue to work hard. From there, just let everything else play out.”

Haley, while encouraged, is making no predictions of Pro Bowls in Jackson’s immediate future.

“I think that he learned a lot last year,” Haley said. “He survived. It wasn’t always perfect, but he came back for more and he’s hungry. We’ll know more about that down the road as we start to get into games and real games. I’ve got a strong feeling that he’ll probably be around here when we’re playing games. And he’s got to be better than what he was.”