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The 11-count indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria charged Mr. Magliocchetti with four counts of making illegal campaign contributions in the name of another, four counts of making illegal campaign contributions from a corporation, and three counts of causing federal campaigns to unwittingly make false statements.

Prosecutors on Thursday also announced that Mark Magliocchetti, Mr. Magliocchetti’s son, pleaded guilty in federal court to making illegal corporate campaign contributions. According to court documents, Mark Magliocchetti admitted to receiving payments from an individual and a company with the understanding that the money he received was to be used for federal campaign contributions.

Court documents say the amount of contributions made by Mark Magliocchetti and his wife, and funded by the individual and the company, was somewhere between $120,000-$200,000. His sentencing has been scheduled for Nov. 16.