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“A lot of people are going to doubt me,” McCluster said. “But as long as the coaches have that will to give me the ball, I’m not going to complain. I’m having fun playing football. Football’s a fun game. You have fun doing it, you’re going to win.”

If McCluster has Chiefs fans recalling the speedy Dante Hall, he’s also starting to draw favorable comparisons to some other awfully good players.

“He reminds me of a couple of guys,” said Chambers. “I played with Wes Welker in his early years. I seen him grow. I played with Darren Sproles. He’s a little combination of both. He’s a really good receiver at times. He’s working and getting better. He’s extremely quick and he’s learning how to use his speed and quickness to his advantage.”

He seemed to be having a ball when coaches dragged a portable toilet onto the practice field and set up as bizarre a drill as anyone had ever seen.

One by one, hardly able to suppress a laugh, players were told to go in and take a seat. An assistant coach stood a few feet back while another kept his hand on the closed door. Then he would fling the door open and the other coach would fire a pass into the mobile restroom from about 10 feet away.

“We laughed about it. But it’s a great drill actually,” said McCluster. “Hand-eye coordination. Be ready for the ball. Never sat in a Porta Potty and caught a football before.”

Fortunately, it appeared to be a new one.

“It didn’t smell,” McCluster said.

It was also easy on shoes.

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