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“When America is treated in the manner it was treated on Sunday, I will react,” Ambassador Charles Ray told reporters in the capital, Harare.

After Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi demanded an apology, Mr. Ray released a letter to the minister, accusing him of “exacerbating” the situation.

“I regret that you have chosen to make matters worse by exacerbating a problem created by the Zimbabwean side, rather than attempting to put it behind us,” the ambassador said in his letter.

Mr. Ray, joined by German Ambassador Albrecht Conze and European Union diplomat Barbara Plinkert, walked out of the funeral after Mr. Mugabe told Western critics to “go to hell” because of their criticism of human rights abuses.

In May, Zimbabwe’s ambassador in Washington tried to shout down Johnnie Carson, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs, after he criticized human rights abuses under Mr. Mugabe.

“You are talking like a good house slave,” Ambassador Machivenyika Mapuranga bellowed at Mr. Carson, who is black, at the Africa Day celebration at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

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