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Starters rarely go more than two series in this game. Lewis and Cowboys coach Wade Phillips admitted that’s likely to be repeated Sunday night.

Still, when the former Cowboys, particularly Owens, are on the field, interest will be high.

“That’s the Cowboys North,” Dallas wide receiver Patrick Crayton said.

“It will be good to see him again,” he added about Owens. “Him and a couple of other guys that were here and stuff. It’s always good to see old friends and old teammates.

“Is there anything about facing (Owens)? I never even thought about facing him, because I don’t have to stick him.”

Tony Romo, who had his ups and downs throwing to T.O. over three seasons, won’t carry any bitterness toward the former Cowboys into the game.

“I know. Dallas No. 2,” he said with a chuckle about the Cincinnati roster that also includes safety Roy Williams and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who have strong ties to the Cowboys. “Those guys are all good guys and we enjoyed having every one of them. It allowed us to have great success when we were here, in a lot of ways. It’ll be good to see them and say hi and wish them good luck, hopefully not quite as good against us. I root for them.”


AP Sports Writers Stephen Hawkins in Dallas and Joe Kay in Cincinnati contributed to this story.