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“Rest assured, we are going to be on McCluskey like a cheap suit,” Marshal Gonzales said. “We are not going to pull this thing down.”

The Arizona attorney general on Monday charged two women, including McCluskey’s mother, with helping the inmates after they escaped.

Province was serving a life sentence for murder and robbery out of Pima County, Ariz. McCluskey, 45, was serving a 15-year prison term for attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm out of Maricopa County, Ariz.

Forensic evidence linked the two inmates and Ms. Welch to the killings of an Oklahoma couple. New Mexico State Police spokesman Peter Olson declined to elaborate.

The badly burned skeletal remains of Linda and Gary Haas, both 61, of Tecumseh, Okla., were found in a charred camper Wednesday morning on a remote ranch in eastern New Mexico. Their pickup truck later was found 100 miles west in Albuquerque.

Authorities believe the two inmates and Ms. Welch went to Wyoming, where Province separated from McCluskey and Ms. Welch on Wednesday morning at the southern entrance to Yellowstone.

By Monday, rangers at the park were given posters of the fugitives so they could check passing cars for them. But they weren’t handing out the posters, nor were they advising entering motorists about the search. Officials said the 3,472-square-mile park was safe as they welcomed an estimated 30,000 campers and tourists.

Wanted posters were put up at campground registration areas with pictures of the two fugitives warning: “DO NOT APPROACH, attempt to contact or detain in any way.”

Jonathan Cooper reported from Phoenix. Associated Press Writers Bob Moen in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Thomas Peipert in Denver contributed to this report.