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It said Monday that “the training courses, sermons and seminars by the association as well texts published on the group’s home page not only violate the constitution but also radicalize listeners and readers.”

Most of the group’s members were German converts or of Middle Eastern origin or from the Caucasus.

“A very important factor for the radicalization of the group members was certainly their joint visits to the mosque,” the intelligence report stated.

It appears that one man from the group joined the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a terrorist organization in Central Asia, the report said.

A spokesman for an association of 30 mosques in Hamburg condemned the authorities’ closure of Taiba mosque.

“I think this was a wrong move,” Norbert Mueller of the Schura Association of Islamic Communities in Hamburg told the Associated Press. “Closing mosques does not make jihadists disappear.”

The radical supporters of Taiba were isolated among Hamburg’s Muslim community, Mr. Mueller said. He warned that they would now try to infiltrate other Muslim groups in the city.

“At least it was easy to keep them under surveillance as long as they all met at Taiba,” Mr. Mueller said.