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Cribbs understands the hazards of words being taken out of context.

“I have fun with it. It’s a social tool,” Cribbs said. “A lot of it is a joke. You joke around with a lot of guys. It’s hard to understand texts, that’s why you have to really be careful because guys will take it out of context. They won’t know one guy is kidding while another guy is serious.”

Cribbs said there was no misunderstanding Mangini’s talk.

“I always take Coach’s messages serious,” he said. “When he talks, we listen. We take heed and we change our situation. We change everything about us to fit what Coach is talking about whenever he talks.”

Not all the players ceded Mangini’s warning.

Rookie cornerback Joe Haden tweeted after practice that Mangini fined a player during a meeting simply because his cell phone rang.

“These fines ain’t no joke!” Haden wrote. “Somebody phone alarm went off in the meeting and all Coach Mangini said was that will b $1760!”

Haden may be next in line for punishment from Mangini.

McDonald did not practice Monday but received treatment on an ankle he said felt “weird.” He has no plans to curtail his busy tweeting, but will be more careful with what he posts.

“There definitely won’t be anything up like that again, but I tweet often,” he said.

Mangini joked that he has no plans to join Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Lions coach Jim Schwartz and open his own Twitter account. It would be pretty boring, he figures.

“In my office,” Mangini said, pretending to send a message. “In my office. At practice. In my office. In bed. It wouldn’t be very interesting. He’s as boring as he seems.”