- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sarah Palin’s role as motivational speaker and fundraiser for conservative candidates would be lost should she decide to become a candidate for America’s president. A partial victory for conservative Republicans this year is going to require someone like Mrs. Palin to monitor closely and lead the brigade of patriots in holding the Republicans’ feet to the fire.

It will be far too easy and enticing for the vocal, demonstrative patriots who have been fired up about what is happening to our country to slack off the intense fervor that has been demonstrated over the past year. Mrs. Palin’s leadership must remain front and center.

Mrs. Palin is best suited to keep us alert and active. If she should become focused on her presidential campaign and have her time taken up in deflecting the hateful arrows and insults directed at her, then her role as watchdog of Congress will be buried under a mountain of other issues and much of the effectiveness of the Tea Party will be lost.

Mrs. Palin is in a position to do more to stop President Obama in 2012 by continuing the good work she has begun by helping conservatives nominate a conservative, articulate and attractive candidate who can defeat him in 2012. Let’s hope she will continue the work she has begun and not let up in the fight to stop governmental tyranny.


Corinth, Texas



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