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But among the “What ifs?” Krieger finds a positive.

“Who knows? If we had been just slogging out the tour dates, who knows if we would have ended up doing ‘L.A. Woman’ and ‘Morrison Hotel?’” he pondered.

The music has endured. And that’s one of the reasons why Florida pardoned Morrison.

“It’s hard not to be a fan of The Doors,” said Crist, who asked the Cabinet members to support the pardon effort before they all leave office in January.

The decision to pardon wasn’t just a matter of innocence and guilt, said Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

“I think we would have been right in here granting the pardon in recognition of his incredible talent and the fact that he grew up in Florida,” Sink said.

Morrison was born in Melbourne and later attended Crist’s alma mater, Florida State University. His father was a naval aviator and rear admiral in the Navy and the family moved frequently.

Sink said her 23-year-old son told her she should support the pardon and admonished her for even giving it a second thought. “He said ‘Mom, what were you thinking? Of course.’ It’s because his music has lived across generations.”

Still, Krieger finds some irony in the decision. He believes prosecutors and the judge who tried the case had political motivations to bring Morrison to trial, and there were similar motivations in the pardon.

“The whole arrest was politically motivated, you know what I mean?” Krieger said. “This whole thing about being pardoned, it’s the same thing — it’s political again. This guy he wants to get some publicity because he’s leaving office so he wants to get his name in the paper. It’s full circle.”

Crist was elected governor as a Republican in 2006 and recently lost his independent bid for U.S. Senate to Republican Marco Rubio. His term ends Jan. 4.

That said, Krieger agrees with the decision.

“It’s a good thing,” he said.

The case, 41 years later, has received an incredible amount of attention. Manzarek said he knows why.

“It just goes to show the staying power of the fascination with Jim Morrison’s penis,” he said with a laugh.