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Easy, right?

“Coach (Belichick) always puts it best to us,” Brady said. “He says everything that’s happened this year has just provided us with an opportunity. There is nothing set in stone. Yeah, we’re in a good position, but we can be in a bad position really quickly.”

All the buzz about another MVP award? Brady doesn’t want to hear it. The chatter about a fourth Super Bowl title in 10 years? Forget it. It’s all drowned out by Belichick telling his players what they did wrong even in lopsided wins. Again, the Patriots way.

“He holds us accountable on every single play and every single day,” Brady said. “He coaches an 11-year veteran quarterback just the same way that he teaches a rookie tight end.”

And if the players don’t get the message _ or if they missed it on the sign when they arrived for work _ they can read it when they leave.

“There’s a sign when we walk out the door every single day, the only door we can go out of this building as players,” Crumpler said. “It says, ‘Ignore the noise, manage expectations.’ So I think it’s simple enough. Big, bold letters.”

The Patriots way.