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Players from both the Bears and the Vikings voiced worry this week about the safety of the turf at TCF Bank Stadium, the University of Minnesota’s home field, but Goodell said experts have signed off on the condition and expressed no concern about it.

“We have great respect for the players,” Goodell said. “They’re a part of developing these rules and focusing on the techniques that we think should be eliminated from the game. We’ll continue to make sure that the rules are enforced to make the game as safe as possible.”

Goodell also addressed the status of the league’s labor talks with the players’ union, given the lack of a collective bargaining agreement in place for next season.

“We’re not as close as I’d like to be. We have a lot more work to be done,” Goodell said. “We have time to get it done, but it’s going to need a very concerted effort to get that done.”