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“I was at every practice, every game,” he said. “I sat down the whole time and watched. Sitting on the bench you see things you don’t see in the game. I feel in that aspect it actually helped.”

The watching was over in July when Boyd was cleared.

“I got that call when I was on the road recruiting,” Ferry said. “He said the doctor cleared him. You heard how much it meant in his voice.”

O'Connor said the training staff makes sure Boyd stays well hydrated and follows a healthy diet. Otherwise, it’s back to normal.

Boyd is averaging 11.8 points and 8.5 rebounds, which is second in the NEC.

He had 11 points and seven rebounds on Sunday when the Blackbirds (7-4) beat Army 91-85. More than that, he had three powerful dunks and, with Army within three points, he came from across the lane to block a shot with 16 seconds to go.

Boyd was asked which is more fun, the dunks that had the crowd on its feet or the block that had a coach smiling.

“It’s all the same. I’m just happy to get the block at the end but the dunks were pretty nice,” he said, looking around to make sure nobody heard his confession, “I enjoy those dunks.”

Dunks and blocks were the farthest thing from Boyd’s mind in July 2009. Now he’s just like any college basketball player except that he’s playing in New York City, a far cry from his hometown where he was selected player of the year as a senior.

San Antonio has the River Walk and Brooklyn the Promenade. After that you’re reaching.

“They both have their own good things,” Boyd said diplomatically. “New York’s a great place. There’s so much to do. It’s always fun to go find things to do. It’s great to get to live here for four years for free.”