- - Monday, December 20, 2010


Brother disputes sale of Oswald coffin

LOS ANGELES — The brother of Lee Harvey Oswald says the presidential assassin’s coffin is rightfully his.

The simple wooden coffin was auctioned for $87,000 last week. Oswald was buried in it for 18 years before his body was exhumed in 1981 as part of an effort to prove he was really buried in it. He was reburied in another coffin.

Robert L. Oswald told the Associated Press on Monday he was unaware the original still existed until he read in a newspaper that it was being sold. He says he paid for the original. He says it should have been destroyed years ago.

Texas funeral home owner Allen Baumgardner, who put the coffin up for sale, did not return a call for comment.


Nuns’ Wagner card goes to new buyer

BALTIMORE — A new buyer has emerged for the rare Honus Wagner baseball card that was bequeathed to an order of Roman Catholic nuns in Baltimore.

The card was sold at auction last month for $220,000, but the winning bidder never paid. So Dallas-based Heritage Auctions contacted one of its longtime clients, a Philadelphia cardiologist, who immediately agreed to buy the card for the same price.

The money was sent by bank wire Monday to the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The card was left to the School Sisters by the brother of a former nun after he died earlier this year. The man had owned the card since 1936. It’s in poor condition, but the Wagner card is the most sought-after baseball card in history. About 60 are known to exist.


‘Austerity’ proclaimed Word of the Year

SPRINGFIELD — As Greece faced a debt crisis, the government passed a series of strict austerity measures, including tax increases and cutting public-sector pay.

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