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Only after scoring on a layup with 2:14 left to top the 40 points she scored against Syracuse on Jan. 17, 2009, did Moore begin to let loose. She pumped her first as the ball dropped through the net and, after Auriemma took her out about 30 seconds later, slapped hands and exchanged hugs with her coaches and teammates on the bench.

She finished with three assists, three blocks and a steal.

“It’s kind of cool that this game happened not even in the middle of our season,” Moore said. “Now we have this high, but we can still play. So I love it. I’m ready to play the next game, actually.”

As the final seconds ticked down, Moore drummed her hands on her thighs and yelled encouragement to her teammates still on the floor. Perched on her seat like a coiled spring, she slumped back when a timeout was called, delaying the celebration.

Finally, when the buzzer sounded, she jumped to her feet and sprinted onto the court. She and her teammates ran to the student section to exchange high-fives, then returned to the bench to don brand-new “89 and Counting” T-shirts.

As Auriemma did his usual postgame prize giveaway for the students _ befitting such a big night, Tuesday’s gift was a Wii _ Moore and her teammates mugged for the cameras at center court. And when Auriemma showered praise on Moore and Tiffany Hayes, UConn’s other veteran star, the two players hugged while their teammates patted them on the head.

Maya, during all these 89 games, has been at her absolute best when it was absolutely needed,” Auriemma said. “I’ll always remember that and I’ll always admire her for that. Because that’s not easy to do.”