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The extra time off could help some banged-up Vikings players. Brett Favre remains doubtful because of a concussion, and Frazier said the 41-year-old quarterback still hadn’t passed initial testing.

“That concussion is such a tenuous deal that we’ll see what happens,” Frazier said. “But there is a battery of tests that he still has to pass that he hasn’t passed, so it’s hard to change his status right now.”

Running back Adrian Peterson was listed as questionable because of a right knee injury, but Frazier is optimistic he can play.

“Hey, at least it’s another couple of days to heal,” Peterson said when he learned the game was moved. “We just have to handle this like we have everything else that has gone on this season. Coach Frazier told us to continue to stick together, to stay focused and that’s what we’ll do. This is just another bump in the road.”

This will be the 23rd NFL game played on a Tuesday. The New York Giants beat the Boston Yanks 17-0 on Oct. 1, 1946, in the last one.