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There was the Spygate II videotaping violation that cost McDaniels credibility with fans and a $50,000 fine for not reporting it. Linebacker D.J. Williams was stripped of his captaincy for a drunken driving arrest. The sheriff’s probe into wide receiver Kenny McKinley’s suicide in September found that he had financial and personal problems and a gambling habit that had him $40,000 in debut to Las Vegas casinos.

Orton said the players aren’t distracted by all the off-the-field issues facing the team.

“I think everybody understands when you’re 3-8, everybody feels the heat _ players, included, and coaches,” Orton said. “That’s just how it is. You’re here to win football games and we haven’t done a great job of that.”

Perhaps most disconcerting to McDaniels, there are reports of a splintered coaching staff at Dove Valley.

Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said all the troubles aren’t a distraction, though.

“I think this is one of the best coaching staffs I’ve been on. Josh did a great job when he first got here of putting the staff together. We all work extremely hard together, and we’re all in this business together,” McCoy said. “We’re all one.”

Defensive coordinator Don Martindale said his focus in the middle of this storm is on football.

“I’ve just been worried about the Chiefs,” he insisted. “If I think about anything else than the Chiefs, then I’m not doing the players or fans right for Denver. We’re just going to go out and try to attack Kansas City and try to stop this offense that’s really rolling right now.”