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His biggest misstep this season wasn’t one he made at South Carolina.

He was late to a team meeting at his former high school, Byrnes, during Clemson week. Lattimore walked in, head down and humbled, as he apologized: “Sorry, I’m late coach.”

“I start getting on him for being late,” Byrnes coach Chris Miller said smiling. “Of course, I didn’t know he was going to be there and all the kids start busting out laughing.”

Bobby Bentley, former Byrnes coach and the Rebels’ offensive coordinator, watched Lattimore grow up with his son, Chas Dodd, currently Rutgers’ starting quarterback.

“When I think of Marcus, it’s more of the person he is, polite, humble,” Bentley said.

Dyer’s part of Auburn’s talented four-pack of runners that also includes Mario Fanin and Onterio McCalebb. Newton triggers the offense and leads the way, but Dyer is right behind in a role Chizik envisioned for him.

And Dyer was more than ready to shine.

“My part so far has gotten bigger and bigger every week,” Dyer said. “I feel like our team’s play has gotten better and better. So it’s just one of those seasons where it’s been good.”

Dyer broke the Auburn freshman rushing mark of the great Bo Jackson two games ago against Georgia. Jackson kissed Dyer’s head and raised his arm to the joyous fans on Jordan-Hare Stadium’s sidelines.

“He was just saying, ‘I’m really proud of you and the team, with all you’ve accomplished,’” Dyer said of his talk with Jackson.

There could be more congratulations ahead.

A second victory over South Carolina _ Auburn took a come-from-behind 35-27 victory in September _ would move the Tigers into the national title game.

Dyer had the better of Lattimore in their first matchup, the 20-year-old Auburn back notching his first 100-yard game in college.

Lattimore was held to 33 yards by the Tigers defense, Auburn end Nick Fairley even joking “Who?” when asked this week about the South Carolina back.

Lattimore said he and Dyer have texted each other a few times this week, but likely won’t talk until Atlanta. Lattimore knows how close he came to playing on Auburn’s sideline in this one.

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