Neb AD: Deal with Martinez’s dad not inappropriate

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OMAHA, NEB. (AP) - Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne says he sees nothing inappropriate about a licensing agreement the university has with the father of starting quarterback Taylor Martinez.

Casey Martinez of Corona, Calif., owns an apparel company known as Corn Fed. The Los Angeles Times reported this week he signed a contract with Nebraska in June 2007 that entitles Nebraska to a 10 percent royalty on Corn Fed products bearing the Cornhuskers’ logo.

Nebraska offered Taylor Martinez a football scholarship in July 2008. An NCAA spokesman told the Times that the deal is not against the rules.

Osborne told The Associated Press on Thursday that “the arrangement was done before we even knew about Taylor Martinez or that we knew he was a football player.”

Casey Martinez said he trademarked the name Corn Fed in 2000.

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