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Tressel made three separate trips to Sarasota, Fla., in 2008 but none last year. His only trips on record this year are to Washington, D.C., and Willoughby, Ohio.

Stoops used almost all of his 45-hour allotment last year at a cost of just under $125,000 to Oklahoma. He made trips to Las Vegas, Vancouver and his home state of Ohio, but his most frequent destination was St. Augustine, Fla., a place he says has “always been special to me.”

“We’re seven days a week, six or seven months a year. When I do get time to take my kids or to travel, a lot of times I have to be back to get with my players or the program,” Stoops said. “I can’t be gone as long. It’s a more efficient way of maximizing your days when you do go travel, and getting back quickly.”

For him, flying commercial isn’t an option for that type of getaway.

“You’re using a day to travel and a day to come back. Now, I’m not going because I’m not able to,” Stoops said. “So, in the end, (it’s necessary) for my family to be able to enjoy some things and still be back here soon enough to do what I need to do.”


AP College Football Writer Rusty Miller and AP Sports Writers John Zenor, Larry Lage and Luke Meredith contributed to this report.