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Particularly controversial inside Serbia was Mr. Tadic’s apology last month for crimes committed by Serbs against civilians during Croatia’s independence war.

The comments were hailed by the West as a symbolic step toward reconciliation 19 years after the start of the war. But lawmaker Milos Aligrudic, of Mr. Kostunica’s party, said Mr. Tadic’s apology represented “another humiliation.”

Mr. Tadic’s offer to discuss Kosovo’s status with its ethnic Albanian leaders also stokes distrust — even if he insists that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo’s independence.

The nationalists also are bitter about Serbia’s efforts to capture Gen. Mladic and the decision to increase the bounty on his head from $1.4 million to $14 million.

A far-right group promised the same amount to those who reveal the names of potential “traitors” who eventually lead to Gen. Mladic’s arrest.