- - Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Iran agrees to 2011 talks in Turkey

GENEVA | Iran and six world powers concluded talks Tuesday with an agreement to reconvene early next year, suggesting Tehran may be willing to address concerns about its nuclear program.

But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that the six face failure in the next round unless they lift U.N. sanctions.

Diplomats from delegations at the table with Iran said Tehran made no commitments to talking about U.N. Security Council demands that Tehran freeze uranium enrichment — which has both civilian and military uses.


Talks postponed on settlement curbs

JERUSALEM | Israeli talks with Washington meant to curb settlement construction and restart negotiations with the Palestinians have been put on hold, Israel’s defense minister said Tuesday.

The U.S. has pressed Israel to renew a moratorium on new settlement construction in exchange for security and diplomatic assurances. But Israel wants a written pledge that disputed East Jerusalem will be exempted from the moratorium.

Palestinians say they won’t return to stalled peace talks unless Israel halts all building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem — lands they want for part of their future state.


Beach ban eased after shark attacks

SHARM EL-SHEIKH | Egyptian authorities have reopened some Red Sea beaches that had been closed to swimmers after an unusual series of shark attacks over the past week, including the fatal mauling of a German tourist.

Swimmers were being allowed back into the water of several bays at Sharm el-Sheikh, a resort at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula that is a renowned reef diving spot. Diving remained restricted to professionals.

Shark attacks at Egypt’s Red Sea resorts are rare, and three shark experts from the U.S. are trying to determine what is behind them.

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