- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Joe Miller’s recent tirade on his failed U.S. Senate bid misled readers about the work and value of Alaska Native Corporations (“Writing in Corruption,” Commentary, Monday).

ANCs submit bids on every 8(a) contract they receive, whether sole-sourced or competitively won. What’s more, ANC award selection is based on skill, expertise and cost efficiency to support specific contract requirements. ANCs go where the work is, in or outside of Alaska - and are no different from any other government contractor in their ability to hire subcontractors to develop the best team to address the needs of their customers.

ANCs provide value to taxpayers and have returned millions in benefits to one of America’s most forgotten and disadvantaged populations. I am one of thousands of Alaska Natives who have seen firsthand how ANCs have helped our communities. Mr. Miller does a disservice to Alaska and readers of this paper in perpetuating myths about the Alaska Senate race, Alaska Natives and ANCs to advance his own political agenda.


Executive Director

Native American Contractors Association




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