- - Thursday, December 9, 2010


Police: Man says he’s a vampire, burns teen

GADSDEN | A 20-year-old man who thinks he is a vampire and goes by the nickname “Vamp” is accused of burning a “V” into a teenager’s forehead, police said.

Evan Francis Brown has been charged with second-degree assault, a felony. Gadsden police Detective Mike Hooks told the Gadsden Times that Mr. Brown heated a fork or a spoon on a stove and used it to brand a “V” into a 17-year-old’s forehead in October. Detective Hooks said Mr. Brown tied the teen up, tricking him into believing they were playing a game.

Police said the teenager also had cigarette burns on his face and arms and had been beaten.


Board pardons Doors’ late singer

TALLAHASSEE | Forty years after Jim Morrison was convicted of exposing himself at a wild Miami concert, Florida’s Clemency Board, egged on by departing Gov. Charlie Crist, pardoned The Doors’ long-dead singer Thursday.

Some people who were at the Miami show March 1, 1969, insist even today that he exposed himself, though others in the audience and Morrison’s bandmates contend he was just teasing the crowd and only pretended to do the deed. Mr. Crist, tuned in to the controversy by a Doors fan, said there was enough doubt about what happened at the Dinner Key Auditorium to justify a pardon.

The board, which consists of Mr. Crist and a three-member Cabinet, voted unanimously to pardon Morrison on indecent exposure and profanity charges.

He said Morrison died before he was afforded the chance to present his appeal, so Mr. Crist was doing that for him. Board members pointed out several times that they couldn’t retry the case but that the pardon forgave Morrison and negated his sentence.

“In this case the guilt or innocence is in God’s hands, not ours,” Mr. Crist said.


Ford to hire 1,800 workers

LOUISVILLE | Ford is the latest U.S. automaker to announce it is hiring again.

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