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“Cyberwar is here. Now what?” asks Commentary writer Abe Greewald.

“In accordance with the new doctrine of Western war, weve taken the first step in response to attack: apology. After 9/11, we apologized to Muslims. Today Hillary Clinton is traveling the world apologizing to foreign governments for leaked State Dept. cables,” he continues.

“Thats fine as far as it goes, but saying, ‘Sorry, were weak’ doesnt do much to stop the attacks still under way. As someone recently put it, ‘The war is on. And everyone ought to spend some time thinking about it, discussing it with others, preparing yourselves so you know how to act if something compels you to make a decision. Be very careful not to err on the side of inaction.’ Those are the words of a contributor to a cyber-anarchist site called Once again, the enemy has a better handle on the war than we do.”


• 66 percent of Americans say “things in the nation” are on the wrong track.

• 85 percent of Republicans and 48 percent of Democrats agree.

• 27 percent overall say the nation is “heading in the right direction.”

• 12 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats agree.

• 51 percent overall say they are “worse off” than they were two years ago.

• 35 percent say they are “better off,” 14 percent aren’t sure.

• 46 percent anticipate spending less during the holiday season, 41 will spend “about the same.”

Source: A Bloomberg News poll of 1,000 adults conducted Dec. 4 to 7.

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