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Mr. Wells acknowledges there is a heavier demand on social services — including housing and nutrition programs and cash welfare benefits — but instead of urging lawmakers toward policies that would ameliorate generational welfare, he wants to further squeeze the middle class.

But a “middle class” salary of $75,000 a year in Washington, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and other large metropolitan cities ain’t what it used to be.

Mr. Wells is no different from his liberal counterparts on the Hill, who prefer to tax Americans so they can spend more on policies that give a handout instead of a leg up.

There’s no better time than now to end the adversarial rhetoric of Archie Bunker and Fred Sanford, bigots whose father-knows-best parodies rarely rose to any serious occasion.

While we never heard Ward and June Cleaver praise or complain about their then-classic middle-class lives with Wally and the Beav, George Jefferson would have given Weezie an earful.

“Tax increases? They take enough of my money as it is,” George might say, slamming the newspaper onto the breakfast table.

“But George,” Weezie says after picking up the paper, “the story says our income taxes would only increase one-half of 1 percent.”

“Yeah, Weez,” George says, “but that’s one-half too much. Them fools in Washington promised to help us move up to the big time, not hurt us after we got there.”