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Climate-change skeptics such as Mr. Inhofe have been on the offensive in recent months after a series of leaked e-mails showed leading climate-change researchers apparently discussing how to manipulate the scientific data to strengthen the case for global warming. In another incident, a major U.N. study included a major error on the rate of glacier melting and had not been “peer-reviewed” by other scientists prior to its publication.

Mr. Romm defended the extensive U.N. study, while acknowledging the glacier-melting error had slipped through.

“It is very difficult for [the report] to be error-free,” he said, and argued the wealth of climate-change research being published indicate that the problem is real.

But CEI’s Mr. Ebell said the recent incidents had contributed to a large loss of credibility for the global-warming theory.

“These are claims that are being shown to be without scientific basis,” Mr. Ebell said.