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“For years, we have had information stands about the war commanders. But the supreme commander was missing. We need to remember the man who led our country in the war.”

- Vladimir Makarov, chief of Moscow’s advertising and information committee, on his decision to decorate the city with posters of Josef Stalin on May 9, which Russia marks as the 65th anniversary of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II.


Political operatives should remember that people still crave viable, timely content and friendly community that has not been sullied by technology’s bells and whistles. Witness conservative goddess Michelle Malkin, who has sold - a spirited political blog she founded in 2006 - to Salem Communications, which syndicates such talk-radio heavyweights as Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved, among other things.

Mrs. Malkin has emerged from her experience with insight about communications in the often chaotic media/political/ideological realm. For one thing, the “clean, simple, user-friendly format” has stayed the same, she says in a farewell message. And the answer to attracting a loyal audience did not lie in a burdensome multiplatform extravaganza, either.

“To survive, we needed to adapt, respond to market forces, and adjust the business focus to meet readers’ revealed preferences. Like the teleprompter reader-in-chief always says, ‘Change is never easy.’ I made the decision to redirect our resources away from original video reluctantly,” Mrs. Malkin says.

“But we looked at the metrics, we looked at the bottom line, and we listened to you. You wanted a 24/7, up-to-the-minute, one-stop, all-purpose conservative blog and aggregator. You wanted an Internet water cooler to hang out with your friends - a place where you could find all the political coverage you needed, but also a place where you could get comic relief, humpbot videos, the latest ‘Duuudes’ and ‘Hmmms’ and ‘Heart-aches,’ and off-beat stories of the day.”


A limerick on a Monday? Aw, go ahead. This is courtesy of longtime friend-of-Beltway and “Politickles” author F.R. Duplantier:

At the Winter Olympics, aghast,

All the skiers see someone fly past;

They’re left out in the cold

As Obama gets gold:

No one’s ever gone downhill so fast!

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