- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 14, 2010


Man-on-the-street interviews are but one confirmation of the appalling level of civic ignorance among far too many Americans (“Letting crooks and illegals vote,” Editorial, Jan. 7). Some vote anyhow, but many who do not vote may well be willing if they are saved the annoyance of having to register and are promised some benefit (“Hey, unemployed person, vote for Candidate X, and unemployment benefits will be extended.” “Hey, factory worker, vote for Candidate X, and union power will be strengthened”).

The list of possible giveaways is endless. Democrats for years have resisted every effort to ensure a clean franchise and have done everything (teaming with ACORN is just one example) to ensure a permanent Democrat majority, regardless of how our electoral system, the foundation of citizen control of government, is destroyed in the process.





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