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April 17:

Judge Dalzell issues an order recognizing that the Black Panthers were in default and giving Justice until May 1 to file their official Motion for Default Judgment.

April 22:

Mr. Perrelli again meets with Ms. Butts.

By or on April 28:

Still apparently unaware that Ms. King and Messrs. Perrelli and Rosenbaum may want to spike the case, the Coates team lays out the case for a broad injunction against all four defendants.

April 29:

Mr. Perrelli again meets with Ms. Butts in the White House.

May 1:

Mr. Perrelli and Mr. Overton again visit Ms. Butts in the White House around noon. By 4 p.m., Ms. King has surprised the Coates team by ordering them, with Mr. Perrelli’s approval, to seek an extension of time to file the motion with the court.

First week of May:

Arguments go back and forth between the Coates team and the politicized supervisors.

May 6:

Mr. Perrelli again visits Ms. Butts, along with an unnamed White House official, in the White House. Who was the unnamed official?

May 13 (a key date):

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