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When the 54-year-old woman went to get out some puzzles, she had a seizure.

The boy found a phone and dialed 911 for help, calmly describing what happened.

Burlington County 911 coordinator Monica Gavio says the call was very unusual. Usually, when a child that age dials 911 she says, it’s an accident.


Convicted bomber gets life sentence

LAS VEGAS — A 29-year-old convicted bombmaker from Nicaragua has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing a hot-dog stand vendor outside a Las Vegas casino in 2007.

Porfirio Duarte-Herrera also was sentenced Thursday to 19 to 50 years for attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon and transportation of an explosive device.

Convicted co-defendant 34-year-old Omar Rueda-Denvers, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, was sentenced earlier to life in prison plus 16 to 40 years.

The two men were convicted of killing 24-year-old Willebaldo Dorantes Antonio, of Mexico.

Prosecutors say Rueda-Denvers supplied the motive for the slaying - his ex-girlfriend was dating Dorantes Antonio - and Duarte-Herrera built the pipe bomb that was hidden in a coffee cup.


FBI: Heist suspect ‘sick of being poor’

ERIE — The FBI says a Pennsylvania man told authorities he robbed a bank because he was “sick of being poor.”

The FBI says 23-year-old Cameron Minniefield was arrested Tuesday at a bus station in Erie, his hometown. They say he was planning to go to Cleveland.

Police say Mr. Minniefield took a bus to Meadville, about 30 miles south of Erie, Tuesday afternoon and robbed the First National Bank. Police say Mr. Minniefield gave a teller a note, left with $1,010 and took a taxi back to Erie.

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