- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 7, 2010


In his opinion piece “Webb and Warner owe Virginia an apology” (Wednesday, Commentary), Virgina State Sen. Mark Obenshain hits the nail on the head with his criticism of Sens. James Webb and Mark Warner concerning their votes on the health care bill. As a constituent who contacted both senators to express my concerns and opposition, it was abundantly clear to me that neither senator cared one whit about how the majority of their constituents felt about this bill.

That is the bigger tragedy of having these two senators represent Virginians. They both have clearly sent the message they don’t care what Virginians think or want. They will decide for us.

Here is a message for Sens. Webb and Warner: We will not forget. Should either choose to run again, they will be reminded of their betrayal. We will remind anyone who chooses to run for elective office in Virginia that they are elected to represent the “will of the people.” It is one thing to exercise individual judgment on close issues. But it is totally undemocratic to ignore the wishes of a clear majority of their constituents.


Alexandria Va.



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