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There’s a new Elvis channel on Sirius radio, and Mattel Toys will offer a commemorative “Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Doll.” This year alone, 188 companies are licensed to manufacture Elvis-themed products in staggering varieties - from luggage and belt buckles to undergarments, golf accessories and guitar picks imprinted with Elvis’ fingerprint.

As the old Mojo Nixon pop tune reminds us, “Elvis is everywhere.”

Look-alikes and impersonators have expanded beyond the traditional white archetype to include every race, ethnicity, physical size and sexual persuasion. Impersonators will gather in New York City’s Greenwich Village to perform Friday, and distribute free fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

A commemorative iPhone application - the “Pocket Elvis” - is now on the market, meant to honor the singer’s birthday with ringtones and 150 assorted phrases voiced by British vocal impersonator Mitch Benn.

“The voice of Elvis is so recognizable to people across the world its always a pleasure to perform as him,” Mr. Benn said. “With Pocket Elvis, you can take a bit of Elvis everywhere you go.”