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Both Mr. Cannon, of Corpus Christi, Texas, and Mr. Drotleff, of Virginia Beach, have said in recent interviews with the AP that they were justified when they opened fire on a threatening vehicle last year. Blackwater, now known as Xe, fired both men after the shooting for failing to comply with the terms of their contract.

The indictment said the shooting at a Kabul intersection killed two men.

Meanwhile, Blackwater has reached a settlement in a series of federal lawsuits accusing the company of excessive force against Iraqis.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Susan Burke filed a motion in federal court late Wednesday requesting the cases be dismissed. The seven lawsuits accused the company of a pattern of recklessness and illegal activity, citing several killings including a 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 17 Iraqis dead.

Blackwater released a statement saying the settlement allows the company’s new management to move forward without the costs and distractions of the litigation while providing some compensation to Iraqi families.


Civil War dispute ends in stalemate

STANARDSVILLE — A judge in Virginia said it’s a draw between two Union and Confederate Civil War re-enactors who got into a tussle on the battlefield.

A judge found each man not guilty of assault on Wednesday after they pressed charges against each other over the dispute last September.

The men were playing cavalry officers in a re-enactment of the Battle of Stanardsville. The Confederate re-enactor claims his Union counterpart knocked his hat off.

The Confederate was accused of responding by firing a blank round from his revolver. There was no bullet, but the powder charge injured the Union re-enactor.

Both men were on horseback and both said their actions were accidental. The judge concluded he could not find either man guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”


Magnifying glass starts fire

RIVERTON — A magnifying glass set on a stand in a sunny room started a small blaze in a Wyoming home, officials said.

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