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Police say three teenagers were arrested later Monday night with stolen scooters, and they are investigating whether the teens were connected to the Thompson incident.

Miss Thompson is one of the most successful American Olympians, with 12 medals overall. Her most recent medals came in the 2004 Athens Games.


Official: Remains were state’s 1st governor

DETROIT — Officials say a coffin pulled from the ground at a downtown Detroit park contains the remains of Michigan’s first governor.

Harris Funeral Homes manager David Kowalewski has confirmed that Stevens T. Mason was inside the coffin that was exhumed Thursday at Capitol Park.

The funeral home will take the coffin and its contents away for examination.

Mason’s remains later will be encased in a block of concrete beneath his refurbished statue near the center of the park.

On Tuesday, crews found the coffin buried in a corner of the small park.

Mason was known as Michigan’s boy governor and was appointed acting territorial secretary at age 19. He became acting territorial governor in 1834 at age 22 and the elected governor the following year.


Protesters end sit-in at closing church

CLEVELAND — Carrying U.S. and Hungarian flags, parishioners have ended their sit-in at a Cleveland-area Roman Catholic church that is closing after police told them they would be trespassing if they did not leave.

The protesters staged a vigil at midnight Wednesday at the 106-year-old St. Emeric Church near downtown Cleveland, then remained through about 4 p.m. Thursday.

The historic Hungarian church is the last of 50 parishes to be closed by the local diocese. Protester John Juhasz says Bishop Richard Lennon has agreed to meet with them.

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