- Associated Press - Saturday, July 10, 2010

MIAMI (AP) — Dwyane Wade was on the right side of the photo, then realized that wasn’t the optimal spot for the shortest guy in the frame.

So he moved to the middle, LeBron James on one side, Chris Bosh on the other.

Picture perfect.

Wearing their new uniforms for 13,000 delirious fans, then displaying them hours later for photographers — and even donning them for the contract-signing ceremony in owner Micky Arison’s office — James, Wade and Bosh got their welcoming celebration in Miami on Friday night, formally becoming teammates and probable favorites to win multiple NBA championships.

Wade is Miami’s star and Bosh’s decision was the one that seemed to pull it all together, but in many respects, the night was all about James. Farewell, Cleveland. Hello, Miami.

“I’ve made the right decision,” the two-time reigning MVP said.

A packed arena of Miami Heat fans, plus another 10,000 or so outside the building, couldn’t have been more thrilled to hear James say those words. His acquisition by the Heat became official Friday, and he, Wade and Bosh arrived together in a spectacle typically reserved for rock concerts and award shows.

Dressed in a white Heat uniform for the first time, James took a look at his new home crowd, folded his arms across his chest after he and his teammates were dropped from the sky on a forklift, and nodded.

The MVP has taken center stage in Miami.

“We know what the fans want,” James said.

In case there was some question, they told him: Yes, a “Beat L.A.” chant broke out in July, call it an opening salvo aimed at the two-time defending champion Lakers.

Great fanfare. Great expectations.

“It’s still surreal, man,” Wade said. “Me, Chris and ‘Bron. We ready. We want to go to the gym now.”

After their arrival, Bosh pointed to the fans and screamed, while Wade aimed his index fingers at the crowd and James strutted about to the fans’ delight.

They walked down the stairs to a long runway, slapping high-fives with fans, clapping their hands and soaking in the atmosphere.

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