- - Sunday, July 11, 2010


Inmate playing role of escapee gets lost

CAPSHAW | The Limestone Correction Facility might want to start handing out GPS devices with its prison-issued jumpsuits.

Officials there said an inmate playing a fugitive during a dog training exercise vanished into the woods Thursday.

Warden Dorothy Goode said inmate David Hopkins, 37, was helping out the canine unit by playing an escapee but never showed up for head count.

A “be on the lookout” warning went out and Hopkins was found within about an hour. Miss Goode said he got lost and was not trying to escape. He’s serving a life sentence for theft.


Court ruling bars Navajo third term

FLAGSTAFF | Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr.’s quest for a third consecutive term in office has ended.

The tribe’s high court on Friday upheld a previous ruling that Mr. Shirley was rightfully disqualified from the race.

Election officials had cited a tribal law stating tribal presidents are limited to two back-to-back terms in disqualifying Mr. Shirley.

Mr. Shirley twice appealed the decision, contending it violated his liberty interests and equal protection rights. He further argued that Navajos have the right to choose their leaders under traditional tribal law.

No other elected official within the tribal government is subject to term limits.

The ruling leaves 11 in the race for the tribe’s top job.


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