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Madden said he thought Coryell would get in this year.

“Sometimes it’s just getting there, and I feel in Don’s case, he will be,” Madden said before the service. “So it’s not, ‘Is Don a Hall of Fame coach or not?’ It’s just, ‘When does he go in?’ It’s just a shame that he didn’t go in before now.”

McPherson, who was with the Chargers from 1982-85 is now the pastor at The Rock church in San Diego. He wore a No. 24 Chargers jersey.

“Today I’m a defensive back for Don Coryell,” McPherson said.

McPherson read off a list of Hall of Fames Coryell belongs to _ at San Diego State, the University of Washington, San Diego Chargers, and the College Football Hall of Fame.

“The NFL needs to put him in the Hall of Fame,” McPherson said.