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“Guys are just becoming perfectionists with their art,” he said. “That plate is our canvas and we want to hit the spots that we want to.”

Hudson believes the game’s younger arms put more time into year-round preparation, whether it’s working out or fine-tuning their command.

“You got guys with great stuff. You’re talking about guys who are smart and guys who aren’t scared,” St. Louis ace Chris Carpenter said.

Halladay, traded from the AL’s Toronto Blue Jays to the NL’s Philadelphia Phillies in the offseason, believes the current trend is cyclical.

“Those things can easily turn around. It always seems like things end up being even at the end of the season,” he said. “To be able to see guys succeeding and pitching well, it’s fun as other pitchers to watch. It’s definitely more fun than seeing all the runs scored every night.”

Hudson can envision offense improving as the summer goes by.

“It may sway a little bit more toward the hitter because pitchers are going to wear down once you start getting innings under your belt,” he said.