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Korver said he didn’t know the Bulls were going after Redick when he made his decision but is “totally fine” with that.

“You put me and him on the wings, there’s going to be a whole lot of room to operate in the middle,” said Korver, who’s also trying to lure former Jazz teammate Ronnie Brewer, a restricted free agent with Memphis. “I would love to have J.J. here.”

And he loves the idea of playing for the franchise that Jordan led to six championships, even if he hated him as a youngster. The son of a pastor and one of four children, Korver spent his first 12 years in Los Angeles rooting for the “Showtime” Lakers before his family moved to Iowa.

“We didn’t have any money growing up, so all we’d do is watch Lakers games,” he said.

That meant rooting against the Bulls. His feelings for Jordan changed, and he finally met the legend.

“It was the All-Star break, and the All-Star game was in Denver that year. He had a party that year, and we kind of got up there and saw him in a corner. I was just like, ‘That’s Michael Jordan,’” he said in a whisper. “There was a bathroom on the side. I said, ‘I’m going to go to the bathroom.’”

As Korver approached, Jordan broke from a conversation and gave him a hug and asked, “What’s up, KK?”

In a mock squeal, Korver said, “He noticed my name.”

“To have your name on the back of a Bulls jersey is a really cool feeling,” he said.

The Bulls also signed center signed center Omer Asik, a two-time Turkish League All-Star, on Tuesday. Originally drafted by Portland in the second round in 2008, Chicago acquired his rights in a trade that night that included Denver.