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UCONN BIAS?: Auriemma made it clear when he took the job as coach of he wanted no favors granted or ill-will to his former UConn players. He wants the selection committee to put together the best team possible no matter how many of his former players were on it.

It was interesting to see that at no point during the All-Star game Saturday or the scrimmage on Sunday did Auriemma have five Connecticut players on the court at the same time. Maybe it’s because he knew already what he had with them and wanted to see what other players could do.

“It was funny. I was kind of conscious of not sending them all out there at the same time because then it would look like I was trying to do it on purpose,” Auriemma said.


SAYING GOODBYE: Auriemma closed out the camp reminding his players to stay healthy and telling them to do what they could to make their current teams better. The next camp will open up in early September and he may only have a few players available with it being right in the middle of the WNBA playoffs.

“This was an invaluable four days for us to get to everyone together and see what we need to work on,” Auriemma said.

A couple of hugs from his former players whom he won’t see until September and everyone went their separate ways getting ready for the rest of the WNBA season.

Auriemma was off to recruit for his “other” team _ the Connecticut Huskies.