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Prosecutors have dropped all charges against an openly gay Iraq War veteran who twice chained himself to a White House fence to protest the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Dan Choi and James Pietrangelo, a gay army captain honorably discharged for disclosing his sexual orientation, were in court Wednesday on charges of failure to obey police orders during the March and April protests. All charges were dropped against them.

Mr. Choi and his attorney had subpoenaed President Obama to appear, but an attorney for the prosecution said the subpoena wasn’t served.

Prosecutor Christine Chang declined to comment on why the government dropped the case.

Mr. Choi said he thought Obama administration officials didn’t want to draw attention to the policy.


GAO urges more flier fee disclosure

A government watchdog says airline fees for checked bags and other services are complicating consumer efforts to find the best deals on airfare.

The Government Accountability Office recommended in a report released Tuesday that the government improve the disclosure of airlines, not only by airlines, but also by travel booking services.

Besides checked bags, airlines have been charging for services that were traditionally included in the price of a ticket, such as seat selection, extra leg room, blankets, pillows, beverages and meals.

GAO said that if the 7.5 percent tax on airline tickets were applied to fees as well, the government could have raised $186 million last year just from checked bags.


Charges axed for preventive care

A range of preventive care services will soon be available at no extra cost to consumers under new health insurance plans, federal health officials said Wednesday.

Under the new rules, insurance companies will be required to cover mammograms, immunizations, colonoscopies and other preventive services without charging customers through a deductible or a co-payment.

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