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That alone shows how far Redick has come.

Van Gundy limited Redick’s playing time so much in 2008 that the shooting guard and his agent went public with the frustration, asking to get more minutes or be traded.

“He and I laugh about it now. His agent and I laugh about it now,” Smith said. “Back to what he was to what he has made himself become, he’s made himself into a better basketball player. We kind of snicker about it now just because he put in the work, got better and it really became harder to keep him off the court.”

Redick continued to mold himself into an all-around player and not just a strong shooter. His passing skills are among the team’s best, he whipped himself into shape and is no longer a defensive liability.

Redick averaged 9.6 points per game off the bench last season. He also was a consistent perimeter player in the Eastern Conference finals against Boston_ while Carter struggled _ and averaged 11.2 points in the series.

“You can’t have enough guys on your roster who at their core is just winning and that losing actually bothers him,” Smith said. “And he’s one of those guys who at their core are just winners, and you want to keep them around.”