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HARRISBURG | A Pennsylvania district judge has been suspended without pay for two months for behavior that included calling women repeatedly and making uninvited visits to their homes or offices.

The Court of Judicial Discipline on Tuesday placed North East District Judge Gerard Alonge on probation until his current term expires at the end of next year and directed him to continue receiving mental health treatment.

The court has described his behavior toward four female lawyers and one other woman as “bizarre and weird” and “conduct akin to stalking.”

Judge Alonge, 51, apologized during a hearing in Harrisburg before the board decided on a punishment.

His attorney portrayed Judge Alonge as a “socially inept” but harmless would-be Romeo who hasn’t dated in years.


Council: No more public cadaver displays

SEATTLE | There will be no more commercial cadaver displays in Seattle, unless the deceased or their families have consented.

On Monday, all nine Seattle City Council members voted in favor of the legislation, which will affect exhibits such as “Bodies” that display preserved human cadavers, the Seattle Times reported.

Seattle residents, from anatomy professors to museum directors, have voiced concern over the ethics of such exhibits, specifically because Premier Exhibitions, which sponsors the “Bodies” exhibit, said it couldn’t verify where the bodies originated or that the deceased on exhibit consented to such display, the Times reported.

“I’m proud of this City Council,” said Patrick Burns, a Seattle resident and retired union carpenter who became concerned with the issue after “Bodies” came twice to Seattle.

He said crowds of people would line up as if they were at a movie theater, smiling and chatting as they waited. But they weren’t going to see a film; they were going to see cadavers staged in poses, as if playing football or volleyball, for example.

“They had no sense that these bodies were precious human beings to some family,” Mr. Burns said.


Foremen plead guilty in deadly mine fire

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