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“The fact that this caucus even exists speaks volumes about the power of this movement,” Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips tells Inside the Beltway. “Imagine if someone had mentioned a Capitol Hill ‘tea party’ even 18 months ago. We would have envisioned a bunch of lawmakers sipping a caffeinated beverage with their pinkies in the air.”

Mr. Phillips continues, “Michele Bachmann is a class act, and if she’s in charge, I’m at ease. Anytime someone gets Congress to listen to the American people for a change, then this is a great thing.”

“The forced passage of the unconstitutional Obamacare bill over the objections of the American people shows that this belief is well-founded. As the new majority-makers in American politics, the views of the ‘tea parties’ deserve a congressional forum,” says Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who’s also joined the caucus.


Obesity revelations to ponder, both revealed Wednesday: The University of Kansas reports that a 48-year study finds that the nation’s yellow-bellied marmots are growing “larger, healthier and more plentiful” in response to climate change. Meanwhile, the American Chemical Society announced that chili peppers cause weight loss and fight fat buildup by triggering beneficial protein changes in the body, according to a new study. Inescapable conclusion: Marmots should eat peppers.


  • 36 percent of U.S. voters say they’d vote for President Obama if the presidential election was held now.
  • 39 percent would vote for the “Republican candidate.”
  • 13 percent say it “depends on the candidate,” and 12 percent don’t know.
  • 76 percent of liberals would vote for Mr. Obama.
  • 64 percent of conservatives would vote for the Republican candidate.

Source: A Quinnipiac University Poll of 2,181 registered voters conducted July 13 to 19.

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