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It would be nice if those same Cain-raisers in Vienna and their American cohorts would focus more energy on preventing new infections.

Even President Obama’s new HIV/AIDS strategy, whether you agree with all or part of his approach, zeroes in on prevention on our own home front, where 56,000 new infections are recorded each year.

For sure, we must continue providing assistance to people already infected. Not to do so would be inhumane. But in order to really and truly combat HIV/AIDS, we must attack the disease on the front end. Americans willingly fall in line when it comes to such preventive measures as smoke detectors, seat belts, vaccinations, recycling and the like. There even are movements that rail against animal fur, animal testing, and dog- and cockfighting.

The same common sense should be the rule of thumb regarding HIV/AIDS prevention.

Yet there is no “Just don’t do it!” movement.

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