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Henry scored 226 goals for Arsenal from 1999-07, topping the Premier League in scoring four times, and said last week he is reluctant to even speak the name of Tottenham, the Gunners’ north London rival.

He’ll have to wait to pair with Juan Pablo Angel, who missed the match because of a sprained ankle.

Ten Spurs were missing following World Cup duty, including forward Peter Crouch and regular goalkeeper Heurelo Gomes. Cudicini returned during the preseason after injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash while en route to training in November.

Red Bulls supporters sang “Chelsea reject!” at him.

“Fantastic,” Redknapp said. “Where did they get that one from?”

Notes: While on loan to Sunderland last April and playing against Hull, Hutton threw the ball at Altidore, who responded with a head butt that earned him a red card and a season-ending suspension.