- Associated Press - Thursday, July 22, 2010


Report charges ‘brutality’ at protest

Chinese security forces used “disproportionate force” and acted with “deliberate brutality” in crushing a protest in Tibet in 2008, according to an international human rights group.

In a 73-page report titled ” ‘I Saw It with My Own Eyes’: Abuses by Security Forces in Tibet, 2008-2010,” Human Rights Watch said China continues to violate the rights of Tibetans suspected of sympathizing with the protest.

The report is based on more than 200 interviews with Tibetan refugees and official Chinese sources.

Beijing repeatedly has rejected charges that its security forces acted in a brutal manner to crush the protests in Tibet.


Four terrorists escape from prison

BAGHDAD | Four al Qaeda-linked detainees have escaped from a Baghdad-area prison that was handed over by the U.S. to Iraqi authorities a week ago, Iraq’s justice minister said Thursday.

Dara Noureddin said the four, who were awaiting trial on terrorism charges, escaped from the prison formerly known as Camp Cropper.

The escape could be a major embarrassment for Iraq, which took over control of the prison from U.S. forces on July 15.

The U.S. military could not immediately be reached for comment.


Memo shows Ban as wanting secrecy

A portrait of Ban Ki-moon as a secrecy-obsessed U.N. chief seeking to wrest control of internal investigations emerges from a blistering 50-page confidential memo by his former oversight chief.

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